Festival Reaps a Growing Interest in Great Park Botanical Garden

The Irvine Global Village Festival celebrated its 18th year, Oct. 12-13, 2019, with more food, art, and entertainment than ever.  The Festival has expanded in scale and offerings over the years, thanks to the non-profit organizations and businesses that support the festival as event participants and sponsors.
As the Coalition greeted visitors, we were thrilled so many people wanted to support the botanical garden without hesitation. Our team of volunteers collected 850 new supporters this year. Combined with the 540 from 2018 (a one-day event) we now have 1,390 supports just from three days of outreach!

The public clearly is ready for a year-round attraction with on-going exhibits, seasonal events, and gardens that highlight our natural heritage and the multi-ethnic heritage of our community.

A well-planned botanical garden at the Great Park will not only add value to the visitor experience, it will also provide considerable economic benefits to many sectors of the business community. Our outreach confirms what research has shown: that botanical gardens are a great asset in the growing Garden Tourism sector of the economy.