When you have a vision, to make it come true, you need to share the vision with others.

When the vision is to create a world-class botanical garden, the best way to share the vision is to take others to explore and experience a ‘virtual garden’ in order to ‘see’ the amazing possibilities.

The ‘Plant a Seed’ video started with lunch between a master gardener and a video producer. In years past, they had worked together to create gardening videos for a national garden products company. The master gardener shared a vision for a world-class botanical garden at the Great Park. The video producer, who had recently moved to Irvine, wanted to help.

The ‘Plant a Seed’ video project was born.

How to make a professional video with very little money? Share the vision with key professionals, and twist arms of family and friends! Soon a team of filmmakers, sound technicians, a local public garden, a nursery, a web design company, and family and friends volunteered to participate in front of and behind the cameras.

Over the course of two days and three free filming locations, we had a blast with adorable children and their parents, an artist, a musician, yoga buddies, Master Gardeners, horticulture experts, and a great looking runner who happens to be my son.

We invite you to experience the possibilities and beauty of the future Great Park Botanical Garden by viewing ‘Plant a Seed’, created by Jarfish.

Please join us and ‘plant a seed’ to create the Garden by joining the Great Park Garden Coalition.

Teena Spindler
President, Great Park Garden Coalition

Many thanks to:
Jarfish, JDUBdesign, Sherman Gardens, assorted University of California Master Gardeners, Dr. John Kabashima UCCE ret., Nicholas Staddon, Meka and June Manchak and their adorable friends, Wendy and Andrew Sinderhoff, Andrew Spindler, Allen Bautista, Terry Houseworth, and my yoga buddies! And last but not least, many thanks to the Great Park Garden Coalition board of directors and volunteers who support our efforts with time and financial contributions.