With the wet February we’ve had, the California drought is closer to being over which is great news!   And with all of the rain, your garden is appreciating the much-needed refreshment.  However, when rain is heavy, it can also cause problems and potentially ruin the hard work we have put into our gardens throughout the spring and summer.

To keep your garden looking good this spring, try these 5 simple tips:


  1. Start weeding. With rain, unfortunately, comes weeds that will sprout with a vengeance. Luckily, rain softens the soil, making weeding much easier. Tackle them now while they’re seedlings to prevent them from taking over your garden.


  1. Check the Drainage. To avoid water collecting anywhere in your garden and potentially drowning the nearby plants, make sure there is adequate drainage. Check that there is proper runoff that slopes away from the garden beds make sure it is not blocked.


  1. Be on the lookout for snails and slugs. Moist conditions are ideal for slugs and snails. There are a number of control methods that can be used to reduce or eliminate snails and slugs in the garden including removing them by hand, placing barriers around planting beds, and other types of biological and chemical control.  For more information go to: ipm.ucanr.edu.PMG/r280500111.html


  1. Check the roots of your plants. Once the rain has stopped, make sure there are no exposed roots from soil erosion. Cover them with soil or compost before they dry out and risk harming the plant.


  1. Spread some mulch. To keep the weeds at bay after you’ve pulled them all, spread a 2- to 3-inch thick layer of mulch on your soil. Not only will the mulch help smother any future weeds waiting to come up, it’ll help hold in moisture and keep the soil from eroding and washing away all the nutrients in the soil.

Happy Gardening!