Show Support for the Great Park Botanical Garden! Attend an Irvine City Council Hearing.

At the Great Park Board Meeting, City staff and FivePoint Development have been presenting land uses for the remaining portions of the Cultural Terrace area of the Great Park.  Our member showed up to show support for the 59 acres Botanical Garden already approved in 2007.

WE NEED PUBLIC SPACES FOR RESIDENTS OF ALL AGES AND ABILITIES!  The sports park uses are wonderful (over 200 acres), the planned golf course is great for golfers (188 acres), BUT NOT EVERYONE PLAYS SPORTS!  KEEP THE GARDENS, a place for everyone to gather and enjoy the outdoors, where children can explore, weddings and other events can be celebrated, and all find a refuge from our ever more urban and hectic environment. (Photo from October 24, 2017, 2 pm, hearing).