Wouldn’t it be great to have a beautiful setting like botanic gardens at the Great Park to enjoy the twilight hours of August?

Gardens are a magical place at sunset to see beautiful gardens transform as the rays of the sun give way to sparkling lights. To be able to unwind after a long day in the “urban” world and enjoy a variety of fun activities with old and new friends and family.

The Memphis Botanic Gardens are just one example of many great botanic gardens that offer their members and visitors a fun mid-week experience with their “Twilight Thursdays at the Garden” program.

How fun would it be to offer our own Twilight Thursdays at the Great Park Botanic Garden – we could “Walk after Work”, dabble in “Art in the Garden”, learn about insects in the garden with “Garden Spotlight on the Butterfly”, share the garden with your furry best friend at “Dog Days”, and experience the calming effects of “Zen in the Garden”.

Our mild summer climate gives us endless opportunities to share meaningful experiences in the garden. We need botanic gardens at the Great Park that will enhance and enrich our lives!

Garden lamp shine orange light in garden of hotel resort at night